Heybrook Primary and Nursery

Heybrook Primary and Nursery School


Welcome to Year 1.

The year 1 classes and teachers are:

Amber - Mrs Rudette

Orange - Mrs Akhter

Saffron - Miss Batool


PE Days

Amber - Monday

Orange - Wednesday

Saffron - Wednesday

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school:

black leggings/shorts/tracksuit bottoms

- white T-shirt

- black pumps/trainers



Please ensure that you read with your child at least 3 times a week and that it is signed every time.

All children are given new spellings related to their phonics learning every Friday. These need to be completed each day and brought back to school every Friday.

Spring Term

Our key question for this half term is:

Why do people want to go to the moon?


This half term we have been learning to:

- Solve addition and subtraction word problems

- Recognise odd and even numbers

- Understand place value (tens and ones)

- Count in 2s

- Recognise and create repeating patterns

- Identify and describe 2D shapes

Next half term we will be learning about multiplication and division. 

Everyone has a login to Mathletics. Please make sure that you complete the work that has been set by your teacher. - https://www.mathletics.com/uk/ 


We have been exploring the book Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) by Simon Bartram. The children have been predicting events in the story and using the conjunctions “and” and “because” in their sentences. The children are have learnt what a diary entry is and they are going to write some diary entries as Bob from the book.


The children are currently learning their phase 5 phonics and their weekly comprehension is related to where they are up to.

Remember that Phonics Play is free at the moment so the children can practise their sounds when they are not on zoom. 


 username: jan21

password: home


 Do you know EVERYTHING is made up of material? We have been looking closely at objects and identifying the materials they are made of. We are getting really good at discussing the properties of different materials.


This is linked closely to our key question. We know that Neil Armstrong went to the moon in 1969. The moon landing was a very important event and a lot people watched it live on television and read about it in newspapers.  We’re looking forward to acting out the moon landing celebrations.


This half term we have focused on the importance of staying safe at home. The children were very good at discussing activities they can do at home to keep them busy!