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The long term plan for Science can be found here: Science Long Term Plan

We have designed this to make sure that children cover the objectives they may have missed during the lockdown of Spring and Summer 2020 or that were not able to be taught during the lockdown in 2021. We are teaching from this unit plan whilst the pupils are learning remotely.

Science at Heybrook follows the National curriculum. We use the progression document from the Association for Science Education to ensure the children are building upon the knowledge that they have previously been taught.

Year 5 forces experiment: Making parachutes with different surface areas to test air resistance.


Year 5 forces experiment


Year 4 experiment: Recapping a year 3 light lesson on the dangers of UV light, using colour changing beads and sun cream.


Year 6 experiment: Learning about how light travels in straight lines and using mirrors to reflect the light.