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Heybrook Primary and Nursery School

News 24.05.24

We have had a busy week this week at Heybrook. Below is all the learning that everyone has been doing.

Learning news


This week, we have been focussing on grouping and sharing in maths. We have been making sure the Three Bears have a fair amount of food! In Literacy, we have really enjoyed our new story 'The Gigantic Turnip', and we have been using tissue paper to create some wonderful flowers. We had a great time observing our caterpillars this week, and we even saw some transform into beautiful butterflies.


After half term, we will be starting our new topic all about the woodland and the outdoors. Our new question for the term will be, 'If you go down to the woods today, what would you find?'. Our first key text we will be exploring, will be 'The Gruffalo', where we will be focusing on our new characters and making Gruffalo Crumble. In maths, we will be looking at even and odd sharing, and also making and exploring doubles. In understanding the world, we will be exploring growing broad beans, and what they need to grow healthy and strong. We will look forward to caring for the beans, and observing the lifecycle of the beans. We will also be looking at the seasonal changes happening around us.


Year 1


English- we have been retelling the ending of the story of 'Katie in London'.

Maths- we have been developing our knowledge of direction and have been distinguishing between left and right.

The children have had a fantastic half term learning about London, its landmarks and who lives there. 


Next term we will start our topics based on toys where we will read 'Toys in Space' and explore toys from the past in our History lessons.



Year 2

This half term, year 2 have been reading the book Lila and the secret of rain. We have written a setting description, where we have explored descriptive language, and a retelling of the story which we expanded using subordinating clauses. In maths we have covered fractions, division and been telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Our book next half term will be Stella and the Segull, to compliment our geography topic of coasts and beeches


Year 3


This week, we have bee n working hard to complete a published piece, which is an alternative ending to the story ‘The Village that Vanished’. In Maths, we are still learning about time. In Science, we have been looking at how the sun can be harmful and what we can do to prevent it. In Geography, we have been doing scale drawings. In Computing, we are looking at keeping safe with emails and discussing the importance of not opening messages or attachments from unknown senders.


After the holiday, our key question will be ‘How did the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invade and settle in Britain? Our English book will be ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ by Joe Todd-Stanton. We will be learning about shape and angles in Maths



Year 4

In year 4 we have been learning how to tell the time in Maths, in English we have been writing up our descriptive pieces on fire. In science we have been doing assessments as well as in History.


Year 6

This week children in Year 6 have worked on a piece of creative writing based on the short film 'Alma'. We have lots to look forward to after half term such as: the Year 6 performance, the Summer Fair, Moorland Home visits, Sports Day, high school transition days and much more! Please keep an eye out for the dates of these events and talk to your children about them in preparation. We continue to encourage exemplary behaviour until the end of the school year to ensure all children can be involved in the activities listed. 


There may be times at the end of the day, where you notice classes exit the building a little later that 3:30pm. 

Please be assured this is often due to classes taking time to tidy their room, line up and walk down the slopes in a sensible and safe manner. 

We hope you understand that keeping children safe is our priority and we thank you for your continued support with this. 



Stars of the week

Crimson: Mikail

Saffron: Mariyom Orange: Ismaeel Amber: Sufiyan

Buttercup: Yaqoob Yellow: Yahya

Green: Bilal Emerald: Yahya

Turquoise: Ridwan and Keyaan Aqua: Benyamin 

Cobalt: Anya Indigo: Hafisa Azure: Yashfeen

Purple: Salaar Violet: Anaya


Readers of the week

Crimson: Sarah

Saffron: Zara Orange: Ruqaiyah Amber: Yunus

Buttercup: Annays Yellow: Zulfiqar

Green: Yousha Emerald: Tanzila

Turquoise: Gabriel and Pison Aqua Taha

Cobalt: Maria K Indigo: Aaryan

Purple: Muminah Violet: Salma


 Dates for the diary 

Monday 3rd June: Falinge performance Indigo and Azure 

Friday 12th July- Nursery Graduation 

Friday 19th July- Year 6 Play 10am 

Monday 22nd July- Year 6 leavers 10:30am 



News 17.05.24

We have had another jam-packed week. This week 60 year 5 children went to Bridgewater Hall to see the Halle orchestra perform. This was a once in a lifetime experience and they also got to see the Duchess of Edinburgh! Many members of the public commented about their exemplary behaviour. It was a wonderful experience.

The children in year 6 have completed their assessments this week and we are all very proud of them and all their hard work. As with all of our children, they have worked with determination and perseverance.

Dates for your Diary 

Monday 20th May- Speaker for year 4 and year 6 

Tuesday 21st -22nd May- Reception Stay and Play

Friday 24th May – Last day of Term

 Forest School every Wednesday 

Friday 12th July- Nursery Graduation 

Friday 19th July- Year 6 Play 10am 

Monday 22nd July- Year 6 leavers 10:30am 

News 10.05.24

It has been another busy week this week in school even though it has only been 4 days. We have finished the work on the playground at school and at Nursery and look forward to all the children having fun outside, especially now the sun is shining. Y5 have completed their presentation linked to their Floodland project and last week, we had lots of lovely trips for Year 1 and Reception. 


Next week is the year 6 assessments or SATS. The children will take their tests in the morning on Monday to Thursday. It is important that they are here on time and everyday. We look at these assessments as a way to show off all their wonderful learning and not something that they should be worried or concerned about. 


We are very lucky to be working with Money Matters across Greater Manchester who will providing appointments for parents to help with all different financial matters. She can help with benefit, tax credits, child care and other issues.


All children over the age of 2 can get free child care now if both parents are in work or if you receive job seekers' allowance. All 3 year olds can get 15 hours of Nursery education and some can get 30 hours. If you are unsure, please come to see Ms Sheridan who is now based at school. 

Dates for your diary 

Monday 13th-17th May- Y6 SATS week

Wednesday 15th May- Indigo and Azure to Bridgewater Hall 

Tuesday 14th May- Ducks coming to Nursery

Friday 17th May – Nursery Stay and Play 10:30- 11:15am=am children 

                                                                         2:15-3:00 =pm children 

Monday 20th May- Speaker for year 4 and year 6 

Tuesday 21st -22nd May- Reception Stay and Play

Friday 24th May – Last day of Term

 Forest School every Wednesday 

News 26.04.24

There have been lots of exciting things happening this week as the children get stuck into their new topics. We have had a vicar and an Iman in to discuss Easter and Eid and we plan to have some other religious speakers as the year goes on. The children have some brilliant ideas about how different religions have so many similarities. 


I have sent an email today with log in details for parents who don't have the Arbor app. A third of parents don't yet have it and we use it to send really important messages.  Please download it from the app store or Google Play. 


This week some of our year 5 children were picked to represent Rochdale schools at the St George's day flag raising which was the same day as Fusiliers day. The children recited a poem and we are really proud of them.


Learning news


This week, we have had the very exciting arrival of our chicks, in understanding the world we have been focusing on the life cycle of our chicks and how we can care for them, as well as the features of the chicks. We were all very excited when our chicks started to hatch! We are so pleased so say that now all of the eggs have hatched. We have continued our book 'Errol's Garden', and we have been designing our own garden. We then labelled our garden and wrote sentences to describe our garden. In maths, we have been looking at numbers 10-20, and identifying tens and ones in our numbers.


Next week, we have our very exciting visit to the Farm. This will be on Wednesday 1st of May. Please bring your child in wearing sensible shoes and with a waterproof coat. Please bring children in at normal time, we will be setting off on the coaches promptly at 9 am. We aim to be back at school ready for home time (traffic permitting). Children will be provided with a grab bag from school. Children do not need to bring book bags or any school bags in on that day.


Our chicks will still be with us next week, and we will be focusing on creating observational drawings of our chicks, and continuing to learn how to care for them. In maths, we will be focusing on adding and taking away from numbers, and our focus in Literacy will all be about the farm, what we can expect at the farm, and then writing sentences about our exciting trip.


Year 1

This week 

In Maths, we have identified equal and unequal groups. 

In Art, we have experimented with knotting and plaiting wool yarn strands. 

In English, we have written character descriptions. 


Next week

 We are looking forward to learning through exploring at Eureka!

Also, there will be an interactive Science show about the five senses. 


Year 2

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths.

Next week will be carrying on with fractions.

In English the children have started writing a description of a Kenyan village.

Next week we will finish our published piece describing the village.

Geography, the classes learnt how to draw a map of the local area.

Next week the children will be learning where Africa and some countries in Africa are.


Year 3

In DT this week, the children were continuing the process of making their African pouches. The children pinned their fabric to the template and carefully cut around the template to make sure that they had the right shaped fabric, ready for their pouches to be sewn together next week. 

 In Science, the children were learning about reflection. They used an app on the Ipad to test which objects reflected the most light. We found out that black card reflected the least amount of light and the smart whiteboard reflected the most amount of light. 


Year 4


In Maths this week year 4 have been learning about decimals using tenths and hundredths to make a whole.

In English we have been writing a dialogue.

In RE we have learnt about Judaism and why it is important to give charity in Judaism.

In History we have learnt about BC and AD and their significance.


Year 5


This week, year 5 have been looking at regular and irregular polygons in Maths. This is a new topic in Maths and so far, year 5 have really enjoyed learning this topic.

In English Year 5 have been planning and drafting our first big, published piece of this term. We have been looking to produce a descriptive narrative, using expanded noun phrases and adjectives to expand our work.

Year 5 have also been watching their caterpillars grow in class, hopefully in a couple of weeks' time, we can expect to let them free once they form into beautiful butterflies. This has been such an amazing experience to watch them during their growth journey.


Next week:

Year 5 will be looking at understanding 3-D shapes in more depth- identifying vertices, edges and faces.

We will also then produce our published piece of writing (we look forward to seeing some absolutely amazing work).



Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard in preparation for their SATs. Attendance is still critically important to ensuring that all children reach their full potential. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring your children are in school every day. 


Stars of the Week

Crimson: Rahma Red: Ayan Scarlet: Ethan

Amber: Zrnish Saffron: Aahil Orange: Hanifa

Yellow: Abbas Marigold: Ismaeel Buttercup: Madina

Green: Musa Afzal for being a helpful member of green class and for having a positive attitude towards learning. Keep it up 

Jade:  Ismail Khan for giving 100% effort towards his learning this week Emerald: Kehara

Aqua: Maria Turquoise: Ahmed Blue: Izabella

Cobalt: Christabel Azure: Abeera Indigo: Ali-Abdullah

Purple: Mikaeel Violet: Azhar Lavender: Fadilah




Readers of the week

Crimson: Noah Red: Adam Scarlet: Ishaaq

Amber: Musa Saffron: Alayna Orange: Hanifa

Yellow: Lucas Marigold: Ismail Buttercup: Liyana

Green: Aahil Hussain for working really hard to improve on his fluency in reading! Great work 

Jade: Aydin Iqbal for being confident enough to read out loud during guided reading this week. Emerald : Yahya

Aqua: Saadiq Turquoise: Rayan Blue: Ibrahim.K

Cobalt: Mishaal Azure: Akia Indigo: Tasfin

Purple: Sami Violet: Feroza Lavender: Ibraheem


Dates for the Diary:

Monday 29th May- Tri-Golf Competition for year 6 Lavender

Tuesday 30th April- Eureka trip for year 1

Wednesday 1st May – Smithills Farm trip for Reception

                                        Islamic Civilisation Workshop for year 4 Aqua

                                        Forest school every Wednesday

Monday 6th May- School closed for Bank Holiday

Thursday 9th May- Flood presentation for year 5

Monday 13th-17th May- Y6 SATS week

Tuesday 14th May- Ducks coming to Nursery

Friday 17th May – Nursery Stay and Play 10:30- 11:15am

Tuesday 21st -22nd May- Reception Stay and Play

Friday 24th May – Last day of Term


News 22.03.24

News for week ending 22.03.24 and beginning of week 25.03.24 

We hope everyone who is celebrating Ramadan is having a peaceful month. At the school we allow Year 6 children to fast, if they choose. If the children ask to break their fast, we will let them and will try to contact you to let you know. We know for most, this will be the first time that they have tried fasting and if they need a drink or want food, we will allow them to do this. Children in year 6 need parental consent to fast. 


The children have done some wonderful things this week as part of community week. Some children went to visit a local care home to help the residents do an exercise class. We have done a local litter pick and Nursery went to a local park with parents. We have collected food for Aspire to Inspire and the local food bank. We have had speakers such as a local doctor. We have visited the local fire station. This continues next week when there will be a local walk for Year 4 and we will have to local vicar speaking to key stage 2 about Easter. 


Next week, Kaira takes part in the final of the Rochdale Spelling Bee. We are so proud of her and she has done incredibly well to get to the final. The final is being held at the Town Hall and we know all of Heybrook is behind her. 


On Monday 25th of March, we had a special visitor attend our KS2 assembly. Reverend Margaret Smith from Rochdale SACRE came to tell the children in Years 4-6 about the Christian beliefs around Easter.

The assembly was followed with a Question and Answer session with the Year 6 children. The children were really enthused by the visit and asked some very interesting and complex questions. They responded well to the differing beliefs and showed respect towards beliefs that are different to their own. A very informative assembly that was enjoyed by all!


In Maths this week we have been focusing on number bonds to 10, and creating doubles. The children have had lots of fun using pom poms to create doubles. Next week, we will be focusing on 3D shapes and the names and properties of them.


In English this week, we have continued our story 'Dear Dinosaur'. We have been writing our own letters to Dinosaur asking him lots of great questions. Next week, we are looking at a book called 'We're going on an egg hunt', and we will be writing sentences to describe the different animals in the story.


In understanding the world and Art and DT this week, we have been focusing on the parts of plants. We have made lots of wonderful observations of our spring plants in the garden, and we even drew our own daffodils, practising our observational drawing skills. Next week, we are going to be making our own Easter nests, and creating our own Easter eggs. We will also be completing some fossil rubbings to conclude our dinosaur topic.


Year 1

This week

Children have used super segmenting and blending to complete the mock phonic screening.  Well done Year 1!

Children have contributed to the community and taken care of the environment, by taking part in litter picking on the school grounds and outside of the school grounds.  

Children have used their plans to create a 3d tree of life drawing.


Next week

In English, we will use adjectives to write descriptive sentences.

In PE, we will continue to focus on our throwing skills.

In Maths, we will compare capacity.


Year 2

In English, we have been designing witches for a Wanted poster.

In maths, we have been doing measurement of mass and capacity.

In science, we have been identifying foods as part of a healthy diet.


Next week:

We will be designing Wanted posters in English.

In maths, we will be investigating volume and capacity.

We will be having a talk from our half term's author, Bethan Woolvin.


Year 3

This week it has been community week at school. Some children from year 3 went to visit the residents in a nursing home. We made crispie cakes for them which they were delighted with! In English, we have continued to draft a big piece of writing based on ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. In maths, we have been learning about grams and kilograms and reading scales. In Science, we have been investigating the strength of different types of magnets and in DT, we are using nets to create parts of a Roman fort structure.


Year 4


English: This week, we have been reading and identifying the common features of poetry.

Maths: We have looked at how to add and subtract fractions that share the same denominator.

Science: In science, we have been learning about condensation and evaporation.

Geography: Aqua class went on a river walk as part of their fieldwork in this unit of learning.

Computing: We have been using search engines to find the answers to certain facts in an efficient way. 



English: Next week, we will be planning and writing our own poem based on rivers.

Maths: We will begin to look at decimals and linking this back to place value.

Science: using secondary sources to help us learn about the melting points of other materials and completing our end of unit assessment.

Geography: Blue class (25th) and Turquoise (26th) will be going on their river walk. We will also be completing our end of unit assessment.

Computing: Looking at reliable sources on the internet.


Reminder: Please could children wear comfortable footwear that are okay getting muddy on the day of their class river walk. Thank you. 


Year 5

We had a doctor visit Year 5 to talk to the pupils about the daily life of a doctor and how to become one. We also learnt how to use a stethoscope, bandage a wound, use an oximeter to measure heartrate and looked at scans.


Next week:

We will have a special guest coming in to talk to us about the Easter story. The Vicar will ask any questions the children will have about Easter and give us lots of information to help build our knowledge and understanding.


Year 6

This week Year 6 have worked hard on creating a descriptive piece of writing based on Beowulf. Within this piece of writing, we are trying to incorporate speech to further develop the story and advance the action. 

In Maths sessions we have focused on area and volume of shapes. This has proved tricky for some children, but they seem to be getting to grips with the formulae and the steps involved in getting the right answer. 


If your child is meant to be in school early for attendance club or for Mrs Bather's intervention group, please ensure they are here on time. These sessions are an attempt to support your children in the upcoming SATs. 


Star of the week

Red: Jubair Crimson: Redwan Scarlet:

Amber: Sufiyan Orange: Hanifa Saffron: Hashir

Marigold: Yasmin Yellow: Aman Buttercup: Rifna

Emerald: Samaya Green: Adyan Jade: Areeb for having a complete change in his attitude towards learning

Blue: Adam Turquoise: Ibrahim Aqua: Aylah

Indigo: Jumayma Cobalt: Maria Azure: Ayesha

Lavender: Kaira Purple: Ayaan Violet: Tasnimah


Reader of the week

Red: Aida Crimson: Mikail Scarlet:

Amber: Maaz Orange: Eshaal Saffron: Alayna

Marigold: Nuh Yellow: Haniya Buttercup: Sufia

Emerald: Yousuf Green: Rania Jade: Deen for reading consistently at home. 

Blue: Mueez Turquoise:  Moeez Aqua: Hassam

Indigo: Amayah Cobalt: Diego Azure: Yashfeen  

Lavender: Jamshed Purple: Mikaeel Violet: Shahzaib




Dates for your Diary

Monday 25th March- Emma’s Crazy Creatures

                                   Year 4 River Walk

Tuesday 26th March- Ruby and Peach Park visit

                                      Year 4 River walk

                                       Parents Phonics session at Nursery

                                   Reception stay and play


Wednesday 27th March- Reception stay and play


Thursday 28th March – Break up for Holiday

                                     Author Bethan Woollvin visit

Monday 15th April- Pupils return


Tuesday 30th April- Year 1 trip to Eureka


Reception farm trip- Wednesday 1st May 2024.